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A Realistic Healthcare Solution for America

While the United States arguably has the finest healthcare professionals and treatment facilities in the world, we are sadly lacking in delivering the finest healthcare to our citizens. Many Americans still cannot access healthcare because of the prohibitive cost, insurance restrictions, and arcane government regulations that work against health and wellness in our country. TheContinue reading “A Realistic Healthcare Solution for America”

NCUA Needs to Expedite Credit Union Options for Consumers

During the past 18 months, thousands of consumers across the nation have joined the American Consumer Council and its 46 state consumer councils because they want to take advantage of our financial education programs which we host with partnering credit unions. Consumers are also looking for personalized financial services such as low-interest home loans, collegeContinue reading “NCUA Needs to Expedite Credit Union Options for Consumers”

Corporate Culture Matters

After several years of being relegated to the sidelines, companies are once again paying attention to the significance of their corporate culture. Culture was a hot topic among CEOs and leading consultants in the early 2000s, but it slipped off the radar screen as wild profits and social media ballooned with the new millennium. But,Continue reading “Corporate Culture Matters”